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Even before the internet, food delivery has been a vital part of many people’s home kitchens. Food could be ordered through catalogues or by the phone, and conveniently delivered directly to the front door! This option allowed for shoppers to replenish food in their refrigerators and freezers without ever having to leave their home! Today, the internet makes food delivery even more fast, simple, and convenient. There are thousands of food delivery services and online grocery stores throughout the country, selling, shipping, and delivering all the food one could need!

Raw food delivery is a growing industry. As the number of people on raw food diets and buying raw food grows, so does the demand for the delivery of raw food directly to their homes. Many online raw food shops are now offering options for their products to be delivered right to the buyer, without having to search for their items at physical stores.

The price of raw food delivery will typically vary on the buyer’s location and the type of food that they are buying. The farther away a buyer is from the shipping center of a raw food shop, the more it will cost to deliver. Sometimes, the type of raw food being purchased needs to be shipped quickly so that it doesn’t spoil or go bad—such as certain fruits and vegetables, or juices. If the item requires a swift delivery to remain fresh and unspoiled enough for the customer to eat, the delivery cost will be higher.

It is not just raw food specialists and organic grocery stores that are getting into the business of raw food delivery. Busy and multi-faceted shopping websites such as Amazon.com feature their own grocery sections that include raw food items available for delivery right to your door! Some stores even feature free shipping if you purchase a certain amount of grocery items, which will save the customer the sometimes hefty delivery fees.

An important factor in deciding whether or not you would like your raw food delivered is determining your ability or willingness to buy raw food in person. If you are unable to find a physical store that regularly sells raw food within a reasonable distance, ordering it online or through catalogues is a convenient and gas-saving option. Or if you are unable to frequently leave your home and travel to a raw food store due to a disability, lack of transportation, or busy work schedule, then getting the raw food delivered to your home is an easy and helpful solution to your problem! Many online stores accept debit cards, credit cards, and the popular internet payment system Paypal.

Another great raw food delivery option is having a physical store that allows for customers to request home delivery. Most raw food stores that offer this service are smaller than a bigger raw food chain. They will typically accept cash or check as payment. This option is most beneficial to those without internet service or who do not use computers.

Written by Elise Goodlife

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I'm Elise Goodlife, 37 years old. Mother of two boys aged 7 and 4. Professional dietician, writer and raw food lover.

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