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Rocking Body Raw Food ReviewThe Rocking Body Raw Food Program is a 14 day raw food “elimination” diet, that promises to completely cleanse your body. After the 14 days you will have lost those unwanted pounds, and be the proud owner of glowing skin and limitless energy and vitality.

Joy Houston developed her nutritional approach after spending many years studying the work of Dr. Robert Young, and his belief that most health and dietary problems are the result of too much acidity, and can be healed through “alkalizing” the body.

Through incorporating these principles into her own diet, she claims the results were astounding – her mood swings disappeared, and the longed for baby she desired became a reality after she fell pregnant after only four months on the diet! However, the one criticism that Joy had about the diet that she was following was simply that the foods were not inspiring and were difficult and time-consuming to prepare. So, she used her extensive knowledge of food, and existing recipe repertoire, and developed her own exciting raw food versions of these dishes. This eventually became the Rocking Body Raw Food Program.

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What The Rocking Body Program Involves:
This is not your run of the mill detox plan, where all you have to look forward to is munching your way through piles of raw vegetables, or worse still, not being able to eat solid food at all! In fact, you can look forward to such tempting dishes as falafel with tzatziki, and the “you won’t believe it’s not Tiramisu” Tiramisu!

Joy Houston is a certified raw food nutritionist and a chef, so is interested not only in what raw food can do for your body, but also how it tastes. Joy strongly believes that “taste has to be the motivating factor in healthy choices” and as a result of this ethos, she has created a video-based membership site full of visually appealing, mouth watering raw food recipes with instructional and motivational videos, guiding you through the preparation of each and every meal on the 14 day plan!

Pros Of The Program:
• Easy to follow videos guide you through EVERY meal on the plan!
• You have full access to the site for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to prepare.
• You absolutely will not get bored with the food!
• The site contains lots of extra information to prepare you before you begin, and also to keep you on track after the 14 days are up.

Cons Of The Program:
To make all of the recipes you need to have equipment such as a blender and juicer, although this is true of any raw food diet.

Inside the membership site you will find:
• Introductory video to prepare you for the diet.
• A Video further educating you on the raw food revolution.
• Tips and Tricks Video to help you get the most from the plan.
Prep Your Kitchen video and downloadable PDF.
14 day “at a glance” menu plan and downloadable shopping list for the entire diet.
Video tutorials day by day guide which guides and supports you through every meal – over 100 videos!
• Exclusive members store where you can receive special deals on raw food equipment and ingredients.
Body Battle Plan to hep you design your ideal eating plan after the diet has finished.

There are also 4 introductory videos on the sales page, where Joy gives a lot of information to help you decide if its for you, so really you have nothing to lose by checking out the site now!

Is This Program For Me?
This program is for you if any of the following apply:
• You need to lose excess pounds
• You feel that you are in need of a cleanse due to years of a less than perfect diet
• You have allergies or food intolerances of any kind, and need help finding the cause
• Your skin and hair are lacklustre and you want them to glow again!

You are protected by the full Clickbank money back guarantee, and Joy herself says that if you don’t get results, she doesn’t want your money!

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Rocking Body Raw Food Review Conclusion:
This Raw Food Program is great for those who want to learn to prepare and enjoy healthy, nutritious food, and desire to completely overhaul their body and diet. The membership site is designed so that you feel as though you have your own personal dietician and chef for the entire duration of the program, and will equip you with the tools and knowledge to continue on a healthy way of life forever!
Quality of receipes – Rating: ★★★★½
Easy to prepare – Rating: ★★★★★
Value for money – Rating: ★★★★★

Written by Elise Goodlife

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