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Kristen Suzanne Book ReviewsKristen Suzanne is a former competitive bodybuilder and raw food expert. She is a passionate advocate of the raw food lifestyle, and has lived a ‘95% Raw” diet since 2002. She is also an accomplished Raw Food chef, and has turned the Raw Food diet into a culinary extravaganza, creating an amazing collection of the most mouth watering raw dishes that you will find anywhere.

In this collection of 11 of Kristens books, you will find information and recipes on every aspect of living a Raw lifestyle. You will get the “Easy Way To Get Started” eBook, which will educate you on every aspect of changing to this lifestyle, and then 10 full color recipe books, that cover every meal and occasion you could find yourself facing. This set of books will give you everything you need to move to a Raw Food lifestyle.

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Whats Included:
This pack consists of 11 digitally delivered eBooks, which are as follows:

The Easy Way To Get Started and Succeed With Raw Food – complete blueprint for living the Raw Food lifestyle.
Easy Raw Vegan Entrees – 52 recipes, including 37 entrees, as well as recipes for breads, crackers and bars. Includes delicious dishes such as “Mexican Fiesta Pizza” and “Moroccan Pesto-n-Pasta”
Easy Raw Vegan Desserts – 71 recipes, which include desserts, sauces and ice creams, as well as a “Raw Resources” section. With dishes such as “Banana Nut Cookie Dough” and “Vanilla Caribbean Pudding” going RAW never tasted so good!
Easy Raw Vegan Salads and Dressings – 81 recipes, including 42 salads and 32 dressings. When you take a look at these recipes, you will never have been so excited at the prospect of salad! From the “Italian Bread Salad” to the “Orange Radish Sky”, these colorful recipes will excite all of your senses.
Easy Raw Vegan Soups – 42 Raw Soups, most of which take just 10-15 minutes to prepare. Every taste is catered for, with dishes such as Kristens famous creamed carrot soup, to the dazzling pink “lady in red” soup.
Easy Raw Vegan Snacks and Sides – 60 recipes perfect as quick, easy meals, side dishes or even as party food. From the exotic “worldly spiced rice” to Raw versions of classic american favorites such as “cheezy nacho sauce” and “raw savoury sweet ketchup” you will never be stuck for a Raw food alternative again!
Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies, Elixirs and Drinks – 107 recipes covering smoothies, nut milks, juices, elixirs and even Raw wine drinks. Yes, going Raw means you can still drink wine!
Easy Raw Vegan Holidays – this book addresses some of the most difficult occasions people on the Raw food diet are faced with – Christmas, Thanksgiving and winter in general. As well as tips and strategies for staying Raw on these occasions, there are also 41 delicious holiday recipes.
Easy Raw Vegan Dehydrating – dehydrating is an optional element to living a vegan lifestyle, and this informative book gives you all the information you need to decide whether to invest in a dehydrator. There are also 53 recipes included, which will enable you to eat a more extensive Raw Food diet, as dehydrating food allows it to be warmed up while keeping its nutritional value fully intact.
Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes – a comprehensive collection of amazing recipes featuring one of the world most potent superfoods – hemp. The 69 Raw Food Recipes will enable you to incorporate one of the healthiest foods in the world into all of your meals, in a new and exciting way.
Ultimate Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipes – chocolate lovers are in for a treat on the Raw Food diet, as Kristen demonstrates in this indulgent collection of Raw chocolate recipes. The 59 recipes include desserts, drinks and snacks.

Kristen Suzanne BooksPros of these books:
• By switching to a Raw lifestyle you will effortlessly lose weight, without having to count calories
• After only a few weeks on this diet you will experience health and vitality you never imagined possible
• Kristens recipes are so inspiring and beautifully presented, you will never get bored of this plan

Cons of these books:
This is not a “hold you by the hand” diet program, specifically designed for weight loss. It is a complete lifestyle change that will give you fantastic weight loss, abundant health and a totally new lease of life!

This collection of eBooks costs only $75, which is a saving of 43% if the books were bought individually.
(The books can even be purchased seperately!)

Is This Program For Me?

This program is for you if:
• You want a comprehensive guide on every aspect of living ‘Raw”
• You want easy to follow Raw recipes for every occasion
• You want to pick and choose from a vast collection of Raw recipes to devise your own perfect Raw diet plan

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Kristen Suzanne Books Review Conclusion:
If you are serious about living a Raw Food lifestyle, then this collection of eBooks is all you will ever need, and you will not find a more delicious collection of Raw Food recipes anywhere else. This collection will allow you to pick and choose your own perfect Raw Food diet, and these recipes could last you for years to come without ever getting bored!
Quality of receipes – Rating: ★★★★★
Easy to prepare – Rating: ★★★★½
Value for money – Rating: ★★★★★

Written by Elise Goodlife

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