Monthly Archives: March 2010

Raw food store | Where to buy raw food?

Today, a physical raw food store in your area can be found simply and quickly using any number of search engines on the internet. If there aren’t any raw food shops in your area, you can order from many different … Continue reading

Raw Fruit and Nut Snack Bars

These snack bars will fill you up on the go. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap and you can pop one in your bag for easy snacking. Ingredients for 8 pieces: 300 grams of unroasted mixed nuts 300 grams soft … Continue reading

Raw Vegetable Platter Recipe With Broccoli

The blend of vegetables in this dish complement one another well. Shape the center mound like a volcano and fill with the spinach and chopped vegetables for an attractive presentation. Ingredients: 1 cup seaweed 2 oz fresh spinach Juice of … Continue reading

Raw Apple Pie Crust Recipe

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Kids, friends family; everyone will love this raw spin on the traditional apple pie. It is also easy to make and can be ready quickly for unexpected guests, but if you have time, make it … Continue reading

Raw Spinach Cream Soup recipe

When you chose a raw diet, you may have thought creamy soups were a thing of the past. Not a chance! Soaked raw nuts can be blended to a rich texture that is both tasty and nutritious. Try this flavorful, … Continue reading

Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Chocolate mouse is a decadent treat that is delicious for dessert or all by itself. You’ll have a hard time convincing your family that this rich, creamy raw mousse is dairy-free. Kids love it, and the nutrients from bananas, avocado … Continue reading

Raw Smoothies for Stressful Days

Smoothies are a good way to get nutrients into your body quickly. They are also easy on your stomach for days when you’re too stressed to eat. Just pop these ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth. Ingredients: Stress-Stomach … Continue reading