Review: Frederic Patenaude – The Raw Secrets

The Raw SecretsThe raw secrets review: In the search for improved health and vitality, many people have turned to raw food diets. Undoubtedly, many people fail in their raw food diet. Knowing how important a raw food diet is, Frederic Patenaude has written a book, The Raw Secrets. This book will help you over all the rough spots involved in changing your dietary habits.
“The Raw Secrets” will provide you with the ability to start a raw food diet successfully. You will be healthier than you have ever been before. Frederic has experimented with various raw food and cooked food diets for years. His first hand experience and knowledge that will lead you through the sometimes choppy shoals of the raw food world.

Frederic Patenaude had trouble finding the right diet himself. He searched until he had perfected a diet program that will give us plenty of energy. His program improve our skin tone, regularize our digestion, and give us a better outlook on life. It sounds like a lot, but “The Raw Secrets” will show you exactly how to institute this new lifestyle for a healthier you. Frederic believes that humans are best adapted to a diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. To get lasting benefits, however, you need to choose the right raw food diet. “The Raw Secrets” diet plan will do just that for you, introducing an element of flexibility that is often absent from raw food diets.

Take a look at The Raw Secrets website to get a better idea of what Frederic Patenaude has to offer you. He knows, too, that variety is the spice of life, so he also has several bonus publications.
“The Raw Secrets” is an updated, hardcover version of Frederic’s 2002 raw food diet book.
It is available for only $24.95, and you will get a free ebook version, too.

Purchase The Raw Secrets here!

See what Frederic Patenaude’s raw food diet program can do for you, how it can improve not only your health, but your whole outlook on life. Frederic’s website has lot of information on it that can help you make a decision about raw food. “The Raw Secrets” is highly recommended!

The raw secrets review conclusion: A low price for a hardcover book with so much recipes and information on raw food!
Quality of receipes – Rating: ★★★★★
Easy to prepare – Rating: ★★★★½
Value for money – Rating: ★★★★★

Review: Laura Bruno – The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide

The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide

In today’s busy world, you probably want your meals to be fast and easy to prepare. I know I’m like that. Raw foods are sometime looked upon as being hard to get ready. Fortunately, there is a way to eat delicious raw foods easily. Laura tells you just how easy it is in her book “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide”.

The point of any dietary plan is to make that it is nutritious and tasty – and that the food is easy to prepare. Laura has taken all the guesswork and experimentation out of switching to a raw food diet for you. so you will simply be able to take up your new lifestyle without a lot of fuss. “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” will provide you with 45 delicious recipes by the best raw food chefs in the world. Believe it or not, Laura even has a recipe for raw oatmeal raisin cookies! Knowing that I will even be able to nibble on cookies convinced me to get this ebook for myself.

The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide is more than just a recipe book, however, this ebook also helps you with the support you might need when ‘going raw’. Laura Bruno will help you get over the humps and bumps that might discourage you. “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” will help you to adjust to a raw food diet more easily.

Laura even includes what she calls her “Super Lazy Bonus Section”. This will give you plenty of info about where to buy raw foods online, restaurants that will deliver delicious raw food meals right to your door, and much, much more. One of the best things about Laura Bruno’s The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide is that it is available for only $14.95. It will be delivered immediately right to your computer. Look at Laura’s website for even more information and tips.

Buy The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide here!

My conclusion: Even the laziest person in the world will have no trouble preparing raw foods with Laura’s help. Her great tips and recipes will provide you with the best in a raw food diet. If you have been concerned about your health and lifestyle, “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” is what you’re looking for!
Quality of receipes – Rating: ★★★★½
Easy to prepare – Rating: ★★★★★
Value for money – Rating: ★★★★★

Review: Philip McCluskey – Raw Food Fast Food

Raw food fast food

Most people don’t realize that the diet they are eating is killing them. Obesity has become a terrible problem in today’s modern world. Fortunately, it isn’t too late for anyone concerned about their health to make a positive change in their diet and their life. And, changing over to a raw food diet couldn’t be easier with the program developed by Philip McClusky.

A raw food diet can help prevent nutrient deprivation, regardless of your weight. Nutrient deprivation makes you feel fatigued. You may also find yourself getting sick all the time, one cold or bout of flu after another. You just are not getting the proper amount of nutrition that you need for good health. Philip is speaking from experience. He was not only suffering from nutrient deprivation, he was very overweight. He had struggled with dozens of different diet plans and even undergone gastric bypass surgery in an attempt to save his life. Nothing worked for Philip until he round raw foods. Eating a raw food diet enable him to lose over 200 pounds. Visit his website for astounding photos of Philip’s dramatic change.

Raw foods are foods that nature has provided for us. Philip has been able to transform raw foods into delicious meals that will please everyone. Most people will be astounded that what they are eating is actually raw food. In addition to main course meals, Philip has recipes for chocolate fudge, cakes, and cookies. Your kids will love this diet, too. Every step involved in switching to raw food is covered by Philip. He knows that if food doesn’t taste good, you won’t eat it. You will find over 50 yummy, nutritious, and easy to prepare recipes in his ebook “Raw Food Fast Food”. This 100 page guide provides you with recipes that take less than 10 minutes to make. His inspirational weight loss and restored health show us just how much good a raw food diet can do. Don’t let old habits stand in the way of finding a new you!

Purchase Raw Food Fast Food here!

My conclusion: Worthfull book. Extra cake and cookie receipes are marvelous!
Quality of receipes – Rating: ★★★★★
Easy to prepare – Rating: ★★★★½
Value for money – Rating: ★★★★½

Raw falafel recipe

Falafel is a delicious, nutritous and very simple to make. This raw version captures the nutty flavor and texture well. Serve with raw tzatziki (dill cucumber sauce) for the full Greek-food experience.

1 cup peeled almonds, soaked overnight
1 cup walnuts, soaked for several hours
1 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup raisins, soaked several hours
1 cup chopped fresh herbs (oregano, basil, coriander and parsley blend)
1 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons crushed garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
Juice of one lemon
1 teaspoon sea salt

Process the almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts and raisins in a food processor.
Scoop the mixture in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well with your hands. Roll into 1 to 2 inch balls and serve.

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Raw Super Soups recipes

Rich raw soup is a very easy meal that fills you up. These include superfoods for an added dose of nutrition.

Cold Creamy Carrot Soup:
4 cups freshly squeezed carrot juice
1 large avocado
1 handful of alfalfa sprouts
Fresh cilantro and parsley, chopped

Blend carrot juice and avocado in a blender until completely smooth. Garnish with sprouts and fresh herbs.

Energy Soup with Lemon and Mint
2 apples
1/2 lemon
3 cups mixed salad greens
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
1 avocado
1 1/2 cups fresh mint
8 cups water
2 grams of spirulina (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a blender/food processor to smooth consistency.

Red Hot Tomato Soup
4 large tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
4 tablespoons cold-pressed olive oil
1 teaspoon grated ginger
4 cloves garlic
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
Cinnamon to taste

Process all ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Green Spinach Soup:
3 small avocados
2 red peppers
1bunch fresh coriander
1 bunch spinach
2 small lemons
5 cups water
1 small jalapeno pepper
1/2 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend well. When everything is well mixed, pour into a large bowl and top with shredded green and red cabbage and dulse seaweed.

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Raw food store | Where to buy raw food?

Today, a physical raw food store in your area can be found simply and quickly using any number of search engines on the internet. If there aren’t any raw food shops in your area, you can order from many different shops that maintain online web stores.

There are many types of raw food shops, and all of them sell a wide variety of raw food products. Some raw food stores specialize in selling a particular type of raw food, such as vegetables, while others are more akin to full grocery stores that stock many different types of raw foods available for you to purchase. Some raw food stores even sell other raw items, such as lotions, shampoos, sunscreens, and medicinal powders and teas.

If you are looking to purchase food from a raw food shop, you should consider your budget and what types of raw food you would like to buy. Some raw food, particularly rare, uncommon, or higher quality items, will cost much more than a typical grocery item from a regular grocery store. If you plan on making a large purchase of raw food, you may want to consider buying your raw food in bulk, which will usually result in a great deal for you. You may also save money by purchasing online, since many online purchases do not require the buyer to pay a high sales tax, if they are required to pay a sales tax at all. A physical raw food store may have higher or lower prices, depending on location, stock, and how much the shop decides to sell items for. The internet makes it easier than ever to compare raw food prices, and should always be utilized before making a raw food purchase if you are conscious about your raw food budget.

Before buying from any raw food store, you should research the shop’s history, background, and credentials. Although the internet and popularity of raw food makes for a wide variety of raw food shops to choose from, it also opens up the possibility of buying “raw food” that actually cooked, processed, or unnatural. To avoid this, always use search engines on the internet to find neutral, third party reviews of any shop—whether this is a web shop or a physical storefront. If possible, you should contact the raw food shop directly and ask them about their products. A good raw food shop will always inform the customer of how their food is handled, where it comes from, and any other necessary information required to ensure the customer that the product they are selling is truly raw food.

Some of the more popular online raw food shops are The Raw Food World, Raw Guru, and Sunfood. All of these shops have web shops online, complete with organized categories and even coupons available for shoppers to use.

Raw Fruit and Nut Snack Bars

These snack bars will fill you up on the go. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap and you can pop one in your bag for easy snacking.

Ingredients for 8 pieces:
300 grams of unroasted mixed nuts
300 grams soft dates, coarsely chopped
1/2 apple, peeled and coarsely chopped
3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Dash of sea salt
Dash of agave syrup

Pulse the nuts in a food processor until just coarsely chopped. Sprinkle the chopped apple pieces with 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Put nuts, dates and apples in a large bowl. Add the remaining lemon juice, salt and agave syrup. Knead until it sticks together. Lay on waxed paper and roll flat. Cut into 8 bars and store in the refrigerator.

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